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Device drivers development (DDD)

Device driver development is a complex and exacting science. At KOAN, our extensive experience in driver development on a variety of platforms allows you to get your devices to market faster and on more platforms.
Besides drivers for non-graphics devices, we particularly also write tailor-made display drivers, plotter and printer drivers for any kind of device and purpose.

  • System Integration
    Putting newest solutions based without distinction on Open Source or on Proprietary Systems to work in a pre-existing environment: HTTP, DNS, Mail, File servers, Office Automation, Groupware solutions
  • Cross Platform Software Development and Porting
    C/C++ cross platform software development for various operating systems (Linux, Windows, WinCE, MacOS). We are very experienced in existing applications porting from old operating systems and old languages to the newest one.
  • Real Time
    Integration and development of hard real time software solution based on open source systems.
  • Kernel Device Drivers
    Device drivers for various hardware, both internal (ISA, PCI and on-board components) and external (USB etc.)
  • X11 and Graphic Drivers
    Drivers for graphic video cards and drivers for input devices such as touch screens and software keyboards
  • User Space Drivers
    Software abstractions for serial devices, simple I/O etc. Network servers to export acquired data
  • Embedded Systems (HW)
    Ports of the Linux kernel and boot process to run on your own custom device, possibly adapting to a specific CPU flavour. Our experience includes x86, ARM, PPC, MIPS, ColdFire, SH4 and other CPU families
  • Embedded Systems (SW)
    Customization of the boot process, filesystem and storage choices to your production environment.
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