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OpenEmbedded Development and Support

Starting from version 4.00 (available from february 2009) KaeilOS joined the OpenEmbedded project offering a wider selection of packages and recipes.
KOAN can help you supporting and training with several linux distributions KaeilOS, Open Embedded, Ångström.

OpenEmbedded (aka OE) is the best-in class cross-compile environment and allows developers to create a complete Linux Distribution for embedded systems.

Some of the OE advantages include:

  • support for many hardware architectures
  • multiple releases for those architectures
  • tools for speeding up the process of recreating the base after changes have been made
  • easy to customize
  • runs on any Linux distribution
  • cross-compiles 1000's of packages including GTK+, Xwindows, Mono, Java, and about anything else you might ever need


OpenEmbedded è un insieme di metadati usati per cross-compilare, impacchettare e installare pacchetti software.
OpenEmbedded è la base di sviluppo per molte altre distribuzioni come Angstrom, Familiar Poky e SlugOS.
Come molti tool di compilazione automatizzata (make, ant, jam, ecc.), anche OpenEmbedded ha un proprio sistema di automazione basato su Bitbake.
Bitbake controlla come compilare i pacchetti e le dipendenze da soddisfare.
Essendo un progetto che include vari pacchetti software i metafile di bitbake devono gestire delle compilazioni inter-dipendenti in un ordine ben preciso.

Le principali caratteristiche di OpenEmbedded sono:

  • Gestire la cross-compilazione.
  • Gestire le dipendenze fra pacchetti
  • Capacità di produrre pacchetti (tar, rpm, ipk)
  • Capacità di creare immagini file system da un insieme di pacchetti
  • Capacità di essere altamente configurabile per supportare diverse architetture hardware
  • La scrittura dei metadati per i pacchetti è semplice e riusabile



BitBake is, at its simplest, a tool for executing tasks and managing metadata. As such, its similarities to GNU make and other build tools are readily apparent. It was inspired by Portage, the package management system used by the Gentoo Linux distribution.
BitBake is the basis of the OpenEmbedded project, which is being used to build and maintain a number of embedded Linux distributions, including Ångström and old distro like OpenZaurus and Familiar.
Prior to BitBake, no other build tool adequately met the needs of an aspiring embedded Linux distribution. All of the buildsystems used by traditional desktop Linux distributions lacked important functionality, and none of the ad-hoc buildroot systems, prevalent in the embedded space, were scalable or maintainable.

Some important goals for BitBake were:

  • Handle crosscompilation.

  • Handle interpackage dependencies (build time on target architecture, build time on native architecture, and runtime).

  • Support running any number of tasks within a given package, including, but not limited to, fetching upstream sources, unpacking them, patching them, configuring them, et cetera.

  • Must be linux distribution agnostic (both build and target).

  • Must be architecture agnostic

  • Must support multiple build and target operating systems (including cygwin, the BSDs, etc).

  • Must be able to be self contained, rather than tightly integrated into the build machine's root filesystem.

  • There must be a way to handle conditional metadata (on target architecture, operating system, distribution, machine).

  • It must be easy for the person using the tools to supply their own local metadata and packages to operate against.

  • Must make it easy to collaborate between multiple projects using BitBake for their builds.

  • Should provide an inheritance mechanism to share common metadata between many packages.

  • Et cetera...


BitBake satisfies all these and many more. Flexibility and power have always been the priorities. It is highly extensible, supporting embedded Python code and execution of any arbitrary tasks.


Ångström distribution

Ångström was started by a small group of people who worked on the OpenEmbedded, OpenZaurus and OpenSimpad projects to unify their effort to make a stable and userfriendly distribution for embedded devices like handhelds, set top boxes and network-attached storage devices and more.
Ångström is versatile, it scales down to devices with 4MB of flash to devices with terabytes of RAID storage.


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